NIU DeKalb

We occupy offices in several buildings in DeKalb, both on and off campus.

On-Campus Offices

Our division's administrative office is located in Lowden Hall. We also have program offices in Swen Parson Hall and Founders Memorial Library.

Lowden Hall: Outreach Administration, Center for P20 Engagement, NIU STEAM, NIU Esports, P20 Network, Summer Camps

Swen Parson Hall: NIU STEAM, Summer Camps

Founders Memorial Library: Digital Convergence Lab

Off-Campus DeKalb Offices

Monat Building at 138 N. 3rd St.: Center for Child Welfare and Education, Center for Governmental Studies, Civic Leadership Academy, Illinois Report Card, NIU STEAM, Summer Camps, Continuing and Professional Education, Center for Economic Education, ECON Illinois, Office of Community Affairs, Outreach Registration Services

Broadcast Studios at 801 N. First St.: Northern Public Radio, WNIJ, WNIU


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Division of Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development
307 Lowden Hall

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