Supporting NIU Faculty Engagement

Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development (OERD) is a gateway to our region, state and the nation. Our division plans and participates in events throughout the year that engage learners, influencers and decision makers of all ages. One area of OERD’s expertise is an entrepreneurial mindset. 70% of our funding comes from external sources, so we’ve learned to think like a business: generating revenue, measuring our success through data, and understanding the needs of a corporate organization.

But OERD is more than just outreach. We engage internally with faculty and staff on many projects, and we’d like to connect with you. Here are some ways we engage with NIU faculty:

  • Help you come up with ways that your research can be collaborative with the community.
  • Help set goals and objectives for proposed research partnerships.
  • Connect you with external organizations and businesses.
  • Connect you with other NIU researchers for interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Share entrepreneurism concepts and corporate expectations to help foster meaningful partnerships.

We'd love to talk with you about your research and how we can help support you. Contact to start a conversation with our engagement specialists.

OERD Networks

We invite you to learn more about our five networks that connect internal and external influencers in different subjects relevant to our work. If your research or interests fall into one of our network categories, we hope you’ll get involved.

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