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The Northern Illinois University Motorcycle Safety Project offers FREE motorcycle rider education courses at several locations throughout Northern Illinois. These courses are offered free of charge to Illinois residents 16 years of age and older as a public service to help riders get licensed and to help improve motorcycle safety on the streets and highways of Illinois. 

Visit the Registration page for more information on how to register for a course! There is a $20 refundable deposit (plus $3 non-refundable handling fee) required for pre-registration. Although a course may show that it is "SOLD OUT" we do take walk-in registrations in all of our courses. Please read about that process on the Registration page.


****(12/20/2016) Northern Illinois University will no longer be a provider of rider education courses in Illinois. The training program is being transferred to the Harper College Motorcycle Safety Program. Please visit Harper College Motorcycle Safety Program for more information about the 2017 training season. We would like to thank everyone who has participated in a training course through the NIU Motorcycle Safety Project over the years.****

****(11/09/2016) All completion cards for the 2016 training season have been mailed, the final ones are going out today. Please contact us at MotorcycleSafety@niu.edu if you have not yet received yours.****

****For training site and classroom location information CLICK HERE for a Google map with each of our training sites marked. Click on the map marker for the site where you are interested in taking the class for specific classroom location information.****